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Whether your kids are just starting to explore technology, or are tech wizards they will love our summer technology camps. With many STEM camps to explore they are sure to find computer camps that will challenge and inspire them to get excited about something new this summer .

We put great emphasis on small class size and providing each camper with their own computer and learning material so beginners at camp can learn on their own pace and advanced campers don’t get bored waiting for others to finish. There are many new and popular technology summer camps to choose from, including Video Game Design, LEGO Robotics with EV3, hands-on STEM Engineering camps, and Minecraft camps.

In LEGO EV3 Robotics camp, kids will learn about robot design, programming concepts such as conditional structures and variables, and problem solving skills. In Video Game Design camps, kids work on their own computers and design their own game from start to finish, while learning the entire game design process, and take their games home at the end of camp. During our STEM Engineering camps, kids explore different fields of engineering throughout the week. Our camp features all project-based hands on activities with many take-home options. Kids will use 3D printers, and design and print out their own unique 3D models to take home. In our Minecraft summer camps, kids can learn about making Minecraft mods to setting up a Minecraft Server.

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Learn to code, design an iPhone app, or maybe work on that game idea you had some time ago this summer at VisionTech!

Whether you want to get some hands-on experience working with coding or designing an App, at VisionTech Teen camps, you will get plenty of help and experience to incorporate what you have learned to your new endeavors. You will have many new courses to choose from, including 3D Game Design with Maya and Unity, Minecraft Server Hosting and Programming in Java.

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Your "Minecraft Modding with Forge" class last week was fantastic. My 12 year old grandson loved it so much that he would have wanted to take the more advanced class coming up next week, but he has to start school on July 28th. Darn! Miles is definitely coming back to Vision Tech to learn more next summer. I especially want to thank owner/director, Anita, for her infinite passion, help, and attention she shows towards each student, and parent.
-- Susie

Daniel was a great instructor! My son learned so much and had so much fun!
-- Tracy

Our son really enjoyed his week at Vision Tech. It may not be feasible, but a 1/2 program would be nice as well, there were some days that he felt it was a long day for what they were doing, but over all he really had a great time and learned a lot. He was excited every afternoon we picked him up and he was ready to go every morning. We also appreciate this type of camp, technology is important for these kids so to have this opportunity to explore it was very beneficial to him.
- Deanna

  • Qualified and well trained Instructors

    We know that well-trained and qualified instructors are central to determining the learning outcomes at our camps. Our instructors encourage active learning and inspire children to think critically and creatively. We hire talented instructors and train them in relevant subject so they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to teach and guide kids in the camps.

  • Quality equipment for every child

    Each child gets his/her own computer. We invest in quality equipment so all our students have plenty of high quality equipment to work with.

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About VisionTechThe VisionTech Family

VisionTech Summer Technology Camps was founded by Anita Khurana in 2001, when she tried and failed to find a summer tech program that would allow her son to explore his curiosity in technology.

At VisionTech, each week our camps focus on in-depth technology exploration and open-ended investigations. After kids are taught the foundations of each course, students engage in student-led projects in order to ensure they are actively engaged in their projects throughout the entire camp. Our goal is to inspire students to explore and actively be a part of creating new projects, whether it be a video game, an iPhone app, or a robot.

Each camp is one week long, and runs from 9 AM to 4 PM, with a 1 hour lunch break. At our camps, we only hold one course per room, and with one lead instructor trained in that subject, who only teaches that one camp for the entire week. If you would like to visit our centers, please give us a call or drop us an email, and we will be happy to set up a visit where you can meet us and see the place where summer campers will be spending their time.

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  • Minecraft Modding with Java & Forge

    Dig deeper into the Minecraft with this camp! Design vehicles to traverse across the world in seconds, build your own custom weapons for players to craft, and manipulate gravity! Read More
  • Robotics Engineering with Lego EV3

    A new robot revolution has begun! VisionTech invites you to ignite your imagination as you design, build and program robots using the third generation of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Platform. Read More
  • Computer Programming w/ Java

    Java is the object-oriented programming language of choice today.This course covers the Java basics such as Methods, Algorithms and some case studies. Read More
  • RPG Game Design

    Combine your imagination, creativity and dedication at our RPG Video Game Design camp Create a world of heroes, villains and dungeons. Impress your friends with your own RPG masterpiece Read More
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