A fun tech camp for kids & teens


A fun summer tech camp for kids & teens

Tech Camp in Danville, Saratoga, Moraga, and Berkeley

Vision Tech is the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading tech camp provider with a mission to provide science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning opportunities for kids & teens. Vision Tech’s summer program is a collaborative learning environment that motivates students to learn new STEM skills and allows them to feel empowered to become the next generation of developers, game designers, coders, entrepreneurs, and engineers. Vision Tech’s summer camps help students learn programming, game design, robotics, & engineering in programs that blend education with FUN. Become part of the Vision Tech alumni of students who have gone on to graduate from top universities like Stanford, create their own startups, and join companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Vision Tech Camp - Minecraft Camp

Minecraft Camp

In our Minecraft summer camp for kids and teens, students learn Minecraft level design, how to create Minecraft mods with Java code, host their own private Minecraft servers, and build Minecraft plugins. By participating in these camps, students learn concepts such as programming, game design, cloud server technologies, and Java coding. These camps are offered in Berkeley, Danville, Saratoga, and Moraga within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Vision Tech Camp - Coding Camp

Programming Camp

In our programming summer camp, students learn to code with the help of our caring instructors and learn the fundamental concepts of programming in Java, C, Python, C#, and C++. Our programming camps allow students to gain programming experience while working on video games, app development, robotics, engineering, and more. These camps are offered in Berkeley, Danville, Saratoga, and Moraga within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Vision Tech Camp - Video Game Design Camp

Video Game Design Camp

In our video game design camps, students learn to design and build their own video games using professional-grade tools and software. In our 2D and 3D Game Design Camps, students learn about the game design process, 3D modeling and programming while developing their own arcade, platform, RPG, FPS, or mobile video games. These camps are offered in Berkeley, Danville, Saratoga, and Moraga within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Vision Tech Camp - Robotics & Engineering Camp

Robotics & Engineering Camp


In our robotics camp and engineering camps for kids and teens, students learn robotics and engineering concepts using LEGO EV3, 3D Printers, Arduino, and CAD software. These camps are offered in Berkeley, Danville, Saratoga, and Moraga within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why Choose Vision Tech Camp?

Vision Tech Camp is the leading summer computer camps for kids & teen

Innovative Summer STEM Camps

Vision Tech’s innovative curriculum integrates projects-based learning with design and building oriented concepts that encourages students to think creatively. Our tech camps offer students unparalleled opportunities to undertake problem-solving and exploration via hands-on activities.


Wide Technology Course Selection

When designing our tech camps, we bring STEM courses that will interest students of varying interests. From coding camps to video game design, students can choose from a variety of technology camp courses that interest them.

Best Computer Camp Instructors

Vision Tech Camps summer programs are run by us and our passionate, tech-savvy instructors. We design our own computer camp curriculum and train each instructor in-person in our curriculum, software, and teaching practices – so every child can have an awesome summer camp experience.

Quality Tech Hardware & Software

At Vision Tech Camps, we use the best high-end custom desktop computers along with professional-grade software to ensure campers are working with the best computer equipment and software available to explore their curiosity in technology camps.

Comfortable & Safe Facilities

Clean, secure, and comfortable tech space with air conditioning, microwaves, water, and snacks available at all times, allowing our campers a comfortable and fun place to work on their technology projects and relax during breaks at tech camp.


Real Instruction, Quality Projects

Experience counts. Vision Tech Camp have over 16 years of experience delivering quality tech programs for kids & teens. We pride ourselves on creating a curriculum with real learning goals, with teachers leading students through lessons with dual monitor computers and projectors. At the end, kids are happy and proud of their projects.


Up to Date Tech Camp Curriculum

STEM summer programs at Vision Tech Camps are continually revised with the feedback from our students, instructors, and parents. Our goal is to bring  fun and exciting new innovative technology programs that make kids happy to learn.


Best Reviewed Tech Camp

Parent’s reviews are a testament to our successful summer tech program. Vision Tech Camp is  grateful to our parents and students for making Vision Tech the best-reviewed tech camp in the Bay Area. You can view our reviews at our individual location pages or by searching Google for Vision Tech Camps.

Student to Instructor Ratio

At Vision Tech Camp, we have an 8:1 ratio of students to instructors to allow students a personalized learning experience that guarantees them lots of one-on-one teacher attention.

Professional Tech Hardware and Software

Minecraft Logo - 3D sandbox game
Arduino Logo - Electronics & Circuitry System
LEGO logo - brick building set
Unreal Engine logo - 3D Game Design engine

The Best Reviewed Tech Camp in the San Francisco Bay Area

Parents love Vision Tech Camp. See why Vision Tech Camp is the best computer camp for kids & teens. 

"My son loved Vision Tech Camp. He was sad when it ended. The instructor was so nice and patient with the kids and my son really learned a lot. The camp is really well run. We'll definitely sign him up for the camp next year. "


"My two boys have been to several Vision Tech summer camps over the last few years and  have enjoyed every class.  The summer camps are a great complement to they robotics and programming classes offered in our local middle and high school.  Anita is always coming up with new ideas to keep things interesting. "


"My son had a fantastic experience at the Java Programming Camp in Saratoga. My husband was also impressed during Friday's Parent Showcase--he was very happy that my son had learned some basic Java programming. My son enjoyed this camp and he really liked the teacher. "


" Our instructor, Long, was excellent. When he gave instructions he made sure everyone could understand them and follow along in the lesson. He made sure to get to know each student well, and made the five days at camp very enjoyable. Nina really liked the camp and couldn't wait to go every morning. Thank you!"


"My son has a great time learning robotics at Vision Tech. The camp provided hands on experience and was fun at the same time. Thanks to all the instructors for making robotics one of my child's favorite activities :)) "


"Great Course. I believe my son learn much and it will help him decide if this is something to continue in college, etc. Appreciate that he got to keep a project on portable drive."


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