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VisionTech offers a wide array of exceptional technology programs that are a great benefit to any community location. Our innovative approach to teaching children technology classes and our unmatched mobility allows us to bring technology classes to nearly any location – whether it be your school, parks, and recreation department, or any other location you want to see our programs.

What we offer

We offer a selection of programs tailored to each grade level such as Robotics, Game Design, Animation, Programming, and more. We have both summer camp programs and class formats that can be tailored for after school environments or in-school classes.

Our program can be smoothly integrated into an existing enrichment program – we require minimal hardware requirements and our step by step manuals allow instructors to handle the setup of the equipment. We also offer an optional registration system if your community does not have the capability to provide online registration for parents.

VisionTech’s programs allow students to learn fundamental skills in technology that will allow them to compete in the modern world, and help them develop core skills that will prepare them for future academic and career success. Our classes are engaging, entertaining, and educational, a combination we believe allows students to better retain knowledge.

To set up a class or camp, please contact us at [email protected]

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