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Welcome to Vision Tech’s 19th year of providing quality tech programs for high school, middle school, and elementary grade students. We offer technology programs where students learn the fundamentals of programming, video game design, roboticsengineering, and modding with Minecraft, and ultimately feel pursuing a STEM career.

New programs are continuously added to our program offerings. Please check our courses to see all programs for new offerings.

Build a PC Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Build a PC

Ever wanted your own custom computer? In this camp, you will have the chance to not only gain computer skills, but at the same time, configure, set up, and build your computer, and understand cybersecurity and take home your very own custom-built desktop!

Arduino Camp - Programming & Engineering - Vision Tech Camps

Programming & Engineering with Arduino

This Arduino camp is great for someone who's interested in learning programming and has a keen interest in electronics. Design and program your own electrical circuits, sensors, and build your own vehicle to take home at the end of the week.

3D Printing & Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

3D Printing & Engineering with Autodesk 123D

3D Printing is revolutionizing the way professionals research, prototype, and design solutions for the modern world. Turn your creativity into reality using 3D modeling techniques to create 3 dimensional objects in virtual reality, then use 3D printers to see your design come true to life.

Electrical Engineering Camp with Sparkfun - Vision Tech Camps

Engineering with Sparkfun Redboard

This camp is a great introduction to software development and hardware integration. You will learn to design, build, and program your own circuits using the Sparkfun Photon Redboard, and control them using your PC, iPhone, or Android device.

Minecraft 3D Game Design Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Minecraft 3D Game Design

Hone your skills at level design in this Minecraft camp. Create incredible buildings, cities, and worlds within Minecraft and tie them all together with mods, skins, characters, and stories.

Minecraft Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Adventures in Minecraft

Join Vision Tech's Adventures in Minecraft camp to explore the creative and building aspects of the world of Minecraft. Use your creativity and imagination to create maps complete with amazing cities and caverns for your friends to explore.

Minecraft Mod Pack Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Minecraft Modpack Development

If you think Minecraft is a fun game to play, then join this camp to take the Minecraft engine to its limit. Mixing your favorite Minecraft mods to create a customized playing experience by adding advanced weaponry, magic, and electricity.

Minecraft Coding Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Minecraft Modding Camp

Using Java, the programming language that built Minecraft, code your own weapons, enchantments, textures, and mobs. Learn how to reverse engineer and decompile the game of Minecraft in order to add your own flair to the game! No prior Java programming experience required.

Minecraft Private Server Development Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Minecraft Server Setup

Minecraft is a great game, but it is even better when you make all the rules! Design a secure, safe, and private server, complete with an epic lobby, castles, airships, and anything you want in your Minecraft server!

Java Programming Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Java Programming

Learn the programming language that built Minecraft and Twitter! Join Vision Tech Camps' Java Programming camp and participate in developing fun projects while learning about programming concepts and paradigms. At the end of the week, take home your code and projects.

Virtual Reality Game Design Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Virtual Reality Game Development

Join the next video gaming phenomenon of Virtual Reality (VR) in video games – a fully immersive, and interactive experience made possible by the HTC Vive and Unreal Engine 4, the industry-standard engine developed by Epic Games. Using Unreal Engine, you will learn to develop environments that will complement the Virtual Reality experience.

Game Programming with Python Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Game Programming with Python

Learn programming by creating your own 2D Game using Python & Pygame. Python's easy to read code and powerful nature combine to make it one of the best languages to learn programming with and build amazing games which are fun to play. Students will take home their completed projects and games.

3D Game Design Camp with Unreal - Vision Tech Camps

3D Game Design with Unreal

Learn to create your own 3D Video Game using Unreal Engine 4. Start out learning the ins and outs of the Unreal Engine, and build your levels and models to add to your game. Use Unreal Engine's Blueprints Visual Scripting System to script your own gameplay.

Level Design Camp with Team Fortress 2  - Vision Tech Camps

3D Game Design with Team Fortress 2

Learn new level design skills using the Source Engine with Team Fortress 2 by Valve. Design environments, add effects, create custom gameplay, and take home your newly created levels and projects.

Javascript Programming Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Programming with Javascript

In this camp, kids will learn real world programming skills using Javascript, a kid friendly and engaging programming language. Kids will learn coding using the WebStorm Javascript IDE, or Integrated Development Environment. At the end of the week, students will take home their source code and finished projects on a flash drive.

Scratch Programming Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Adventures in Programming

In Vision Tech’s Adventures in Programming Camp, kids will take an adventurous journey to learn programming and coding using the world famous Scratch visual programming language, a project developed by the MIT Media Lab. The Scratch programming language is a great stepping stone to learning how to program using its drag and drop event driven programming.

LEGO Robotics Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

LEGO Robotics Engineering

Join Vision Tech Camps' LEGO Robotics camp to take part in an incredible learning experience in robotics engineering. You will design and build robots using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 system, and use the easy and intuitive EV3 visual programming interface to get your introduction to programming.

LEGO Robotics Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Adventures in LEGO Robotics

Take your LEGO designs to another dimension by building a robot to move, talk, and dance. Use the EV3 LEGO Robotics system to build your robots, and simultaneously learn to program them using a visual programming language that is simple to learn for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users.

WeDo Robotics Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Robotics Engineering

In Vision Tech’s Robotics Engineering camp, kids will use the LEGO WeDo Robotics Kit to build LEGO models with motors and sensors, and program their creations using the WeDo software. Kids will gain an understanding of programming concepts while having fun using familiar LEGO components.

VEX Robotics Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

VEX Robotics

In this robotics engineering camp, campers will start off learning engineering, problem solving, and programming skills. Using the VEX Robotics Design System, students will build robots, participate in engineering challenges, and work both on their own and in groups.

Video Game Design Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Video Game Design Camp

Bring to your imagination, and build a video game in the vein of Pokemon or Final Fantasy. Design a story, setting, and world, and learn the ropes of building a video game, to play on your computer, or on the go with your phone.

iPhone Game Design Camp - Game App Development - Vision Tech Camps

Mobile Game Design Camp for iPhone & Android

Design and build your own mobile video game to go on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Learn all about designing, building, and deploying your games, while learning the steps to becoming a game designer.

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