Minecraft Class for Kids

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Minecraft Class – A Learning Tool with Unlimited Potential

Minecraft is a unique type of game that gives students the freedom to create and push their imagination to the limit, allowing them to create without limits. It also, given its popularity, is a fantastic way to get students interested in topics such as programming, cloud computing, and server technologies while keeping their interest.

In our Minecraft classes, we harness the power of Minecraft to teach students about computers, programming, game design, server technologies, and much more – all while students learn STEM skills.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game with no defined story or place for players to go. Instead, players simply explore the world around them and are free to engage in creating structures, maps, fighting enemies, or any other goal the player sets for themselves. This makes it naturally suited for use as a learning platform, as lessons in game design, electronics, and programming lend themselves to this environment.

About Minecraft Classes

In Vision Tech Minecraft classes, students use the game of Minecraft as an educational tool to learn about subjects such as electrical engineering, coding in Java, server technologies, and game design.

In all of our Minecraft classes, there are specific learning objectives and kids use the Minecraft learning platform to complete project goals. Once they successfully complete a project, students will apply the skills they have learned to new projects to demonstrate mastery of the concepts involved. By the end of each session, students will have learned new concepts and completed a project that demonstrates those skills.

Types of Minecraft Classes

Minecraft Game Design (Ages 9-13)

In this Minecraft class, kids will learn to hone their skills at game design and level design while creating redstone structures, custom maps, and adventures. Using MCEdit, students will create incredible buildings, cities, and worlds within Minecraft and tie them all together with mods, skins, characters, and stories. Once campers have mastered learning how to add maps and characters to the game, they will also learn how to install multiple mods and create a few of their own in order to customize the Minecraft world.

Minecraft Modding (Ages 10 – 15)

In this class, students will learn how to reverse engineer and decompile the game of Minecraft in order to add your own flair to the game! Students will not only learn how to add levels and characters to the game, but will learn to modify the actual code of Minecraft, and create new enchantments, items, blocks, and more. You will work with the world-renowned Eclipse IDE, the tool of choice for Java Programmers, in order to learn the ins and outs of the code of Minecraft mods.

Minecraft Servers (Ages 9-14)

In this class, students will design a secure, safe, and private cloud server where anyone you allow can join from all over the world, complete with an epic lobby, castles, airships, and anything you want in your Minecraft server! You will learn how to use the most advanced plugins to protect your server from griefers, as well as create safe zones to prevent your “friends” from breaking the structures you worked hard to build! At the completion of this class, you will be crowned the King/Server Admin of your own Minecraft world!

Core Concepts Taught in Minecraft Class

  • Java programming syntax
  • Computer programming logic
  • Electrical Engineering with Redstone
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Game Design Concepts