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Vision Tech Camps began as a single robotics class in 2000 – and since then, we have been providing high-quality robotics courses that are unmatched by any other programs. All of our robotics workshops involve open-ended challenges where students are encouraged to learn to code and experiment with varying algorithms to complete their robotics challenges.

Vision Tech Camps Robotics classes combine LEGO Robotics, Arduino, VEX Robotics with programming to get kids familiar with STEM concepts in a fun and hands-on environment. In our robotics camp, students participate in project-based activities which go far beyond simply building a robot from instructions. Our curriculum is led by highly trained engineers who mentor students to explore the unique and upcoming potential of robotics.

LEGO Robotics Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

LEGO Robotics Engineering

Genre: Robotics | Ages: 9-14

Join Vision Tech Camps' LEGO Robotics camp to take part in an incredible learning experience in robotics engineering. You will design and build robots using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 system, and use the easy and intuitive EV3 visual programming interface to get your introduction to programming.

Adventures in Robotics - Vision Tech Camps

Adventures in LEGO Robotics

Genre: Robotics | Ages: 7-9

Take your LEGO designs to another dimension by building a robot to move, talk, and dance. Use the EV3 LEGO Robotics system to build your robots, and simultaneously learn to program them using a visual programming language that is simple to learn for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users.

WeDo Robotics Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Robotics Engineering

Genre: Robotics | Ages: 6-9

In Vision Tech’s Robotics Engineering camp, kids will use the LEGO WeDo Robotics Kit to build LEGO models with motors and sensors, and program their creations using the WeDo software. Kids will gain an understanding of programming concepts while having fun using familiar LEGO components.

VEX Robotics Camp - Vision Tech Camps

VEX Robotics

Genre: Robotics | Ages: 13-17

In this robotics engineering camp, campers will start off learning engineering, problem solving, and programming skills. Using the VEX Robotics Design System, students will build robots, participate in engineering challenges, and work both on their own and in groups.

About Robotics Summer Camp

Vision Tech’s robotics camps are all hands-on and project based, geared towards novice to advanced levels. Our camps provide opportunities for all levels of students to improve their engineering and computer science skills while exploring a series of robotics challenges.

From the first hour of camp, students will dive into the principles of robot design, including mechanical engineering concepts, vehicular design, and programming paradigms. In our daily robotics challenges, we emphasize teamwork and collaboration and learning as a whole. At all our robotics competitions, students will work collaboratively in a fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere.

In most robotics camps, students will have access to their own robotics kit and computer for the duration of camp. However, on some challenges, kids might be asked to pair with other students.

What is taught at Robotics Engineering Camp?

  • Our robotics curriculum is problem-based and follows open-ended approach to learning. Project Based Learning is a learning method in which campers gain knowledge and skills by working for an allocated time to investigate and respond to complex questions or challenges. Our goal oriented robotics summer program for kids & teen encourages students to think multiple ways to solve problems. Robotics is an excellent tool to teach engineering, math, and science because students can see a visible, tangible application of their work.
  •  In our robotics camps, students start out learning about robot designs, including chassis design, gearing ratios, and lever arms. As they proceed through the week, they will learn programming using sensor feedback and participate in fun challenges which test their knowledge and understanding of the concepts. They will also learn to use a virtual world to simulate their robot and test their programs in a more controlled environment. As they continue to practice in the virtual world, they will learn to maximize the effectiveness of their programming before testing it on a physical robot. 


What is robotics?

Robotics is the study of programmable devices that can perform tasks and interact with their environment, usually without requiring human assistance.

What type of Robotics courses does Vision Tech offer?

Vision Tech offers several robotics courses, including Robotics & Visual Programming, a LEGO Robotics camp, Computer Science & Robotics with Arduino, a more advanced robotics camp, and Adventures in LEGO Robotics for younger campers.

Why should my child learn robotics?

Robotics as a course offers many skills for students to learn, including programming, engineering, design, and critical thinking skills. By using robotics, students can visualize the effects of programming changes in the physical world. In addition, robotics allows students to gain a practical understanding of engineering concepts such as torque and gearing by using these concepts to develop their robots.

Do I need to purchase robotics equipment before camp?

No. VisionTech will provide all robotics equipment necessary for use during the camp per individual child. VisionTech does not have students share robotics equipment, as we believe this allows students to progress on their learning goals individually without waiting for other students to catch up, or feeling rushed into skipping material they have not completely mastered.

Does my child get to take home their robot?

This depends on the individual robotics camp. In our lego robotics camps, kids, unfortunately, will not be able to take their robot home, as our robotics kits are for classroom use. For our Arduino camps, students will take home their Arduino Kit and robot that they build.

Does my child need to have prior experience in robotics?

No. Since all campers will have access to their own robotics kit, kids will work at their own pace so beginners can get a good foundation while advanced campers can hone their skills with more advanced challenges.

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