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Coding Classes – Empowering, Engaging, and Creative

Taking coding classes from an early age is similar to learning a new language – it comes naturally to kids.
However, it must be done with creativity in mind – the coding classes must be engaging, relevant and topical to students’ interests. In order to encourage kids to continue learning programming, the class must be meticulously designed so kids feel empowered to use their innate creativity without being restrained by the difficulty of programming theory.

At Vision Tech, we have continuously delivered innovative programming camps and classes for the past 15 years – with the singular goal of making sure kids are excited about learning programming. Our programs are hands-on, interactive, and encourage creativity in every project.

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of giving a set of instructions to a computer in order to complete a task. Just like cooking a recipe requires a set of instructions, an application requires a set of instructions for the computer to perform its task. As in baking a cookie, a recipe can be in French or in English. In programming, there are multiple different “languages” to write the instructions in – the most famous of these are Java, Python, HTML, Javascript, and C++.

About Coding Classes

In our programming classes, students will work on their computer will the full support and guidance of an instructor to conduct exercises and projects. Each class will follow a project-based approach to learning.
All of our projects incorporate scaffolding strategies, allowing kids to master the fundamentals while experimenting, and then proceed on to more high level endeavors and projects, thus learning more advanced skills.

Depending on the individual programming class, students will design & write programs for various applications – whether it be games, robots, or coding challenges. Once they successfully complete a project, students will apply the skills they have learned to new projects to demonstrate mastery of the concepts involved. By the end of each session, students will have learned new concepts and completed a project that demonstrates those skills.

Types of Coding Classes

Coding with Tynker (Ages 7-9)

In this class, kids learn to code their own video game using Tynker’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop coding tools. Using Tynker’s visual code blocks, kids will create their own characters, add multiple levels, and transform their ideas into a game while learning how to program.

Coding with Stencyl (Ages 10 – 13)

In this class, kids learn how to build iPhone apps, Android apps, and PC/Windows games using Stencyl. By Stencyl’s visual programming system makes coding fun and accessible to students learning computer science. Using Stencyl’s four primary editors, students will create and edit the game’s code and game logic, create and develop tiles and levels for your game, and have your characters interact with their setting, including behaviors and physics.

Python Programming (Ages 11-15)

Using Pygame and Object Oriented Programming, students will learn to write real code for their own game – designed and developed by them. While learning to develop their games, students will learn the basics of programming – creating loops, conditional structures, and variables – as well as game design concepts such as collision detection and artificial intelligence. Students will also learn how to add music, sounds, graphics, and animations to their game while developing their coding skills to a professional level.

Intro to Java (Ages 11-15)

Java is a great introductory computer programming language for getting young coders to learn programming and basic programming paradigms. In this camp, students will start with the basics of Java programming, progressing to more advanced topics such as Methods, Object Oriented Programming, Classes, Algorithms, and Data Structures.

AP Java Programming*

Get a headstart on your high school AP Computer Science class or exam by learning the Java programming language at Vision Tech Camps. This class is designed to prepare students who are currently taking, or planning to take the AP Computer Science A exam. Students will follow along the AP Computer Science curriculum in order to complete their understanding of the material, covering subjects including Data structures, algorithmic analysis, sorting algorithms, Java class libraries, and more.

*Vision Tech is not associated with or affiliated with Collegeboard, the makers of the AP program in any way.

Core Concepts Taught in Coding Class

  • Computer programming logic
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Linguistic Syntax
  • Algorithmic Design
  • Debugging techniques
  • Software Architecture Design
  • Team Building & Problem Solving Strategies