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Programming empowers kids, whether they want to build an app, design a software application, design a game, mod Minecraft, or learn about robotics, the code is everywhere. It’s like learning a new language, programming comes more naturally the earlier kids start.  From Google to Apple to Microsoft, the tech industry is a growing industry and is projected to see the fastest job growth out of all categories.

Vision Tech Camps offers Java, Python and many other programming camps designed to help kids and teens learn multiple programming languages from an early age. Vision Tech Coding camps help students learn the abstract concept of programming through tangible and fun programming projects.

Java Programming Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Java Programming

Genre: Coding | Ages: 13-17

Learn the programming language that built Minecraft and Twitter! Join Vision Tech Camps' Java Programming camp and participate in developing fun projects while learning about programming concepts and paradigms. At the end of the week, take home your code and projects.

Game Programming with Python - Vision Tech Camps

Game Programming with Python

Genre: Coding | Ages: 10-13

Learn programming by creating your own 2D Game using Python & Pygame. Python's easy to read code and powerful nature combine to make it one of the best languages to learn programming with and build amazing games which are fun to play. Students will take home their completed projects and games.

Arduino Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Programming & Engineering with Arduino

Genre: Engineering | Ages: 10-13

This Arduino camp is great for someone who's interested in learning programming and has a keen interest in electronics. Design and program your own electrical circuits, sensors, and build your own vehicle to take home at the end of the week.

Python Coding Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Python Coding

Genre: Coding | Ages: 13-17

Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of programming? This course will teach you all the essentials you need to dive into the world of software programming. Using Python Web Framework (Flask), HTML, and CSS you will learn to write real code while learning to develop web applications.

LEGO Robotics Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

LEGO Robotics Engineering

Genre: Robotics | Ages: 9-14

Join Vision Tech Camps' LEGO Robotics camp to take part in an incredible learning experience in robotics engineering. You will design and build robots using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 system, and use the easy and intuitive EV3 visual programming interface to get your introduction to programming.

Coding & Electrical Engineering Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Engineering with Sparkfun Redboard

Genre: Engineering | Ages: 13-17

This camp is a great introduction to software development and hardware integration. You will learn to design, build, and program your own circuits using the Sparkfun Photon Redboard, and control them using your PC, iPhone, or Android device.

Programming with Javascript - Vision Tech Camps

Programming with Javascript

Genre: Coding | Ages: 10-13

In this camp, kids will learn real world programming skills using Javascript, a kid friendly and engaging programming language. Kids will learn coding using the WebStorm Javascript IDE, or Integrated Development Environment. At the end of the week, students will take home their source code and finished projects on a flash drive.

Adventures in Programming - Vision Tech Camps

Adventures in Programming

Genre: Coding | Ages: 7-9

In Vision Tech’s Adventures in Programming Camp, kids will take an adventurous journey to learn programming and coding using the world famous Scratch visual programming language, a project developed by the MIT Media Lab. The Scratch programming language is a great stepping stone to learning how to program using its drag and drop event driven programming.

Minecraft Modding Camp - Vision Tech Camps

Minecraft Modding Camp

Genre: Minecraft | Ages: 10-13

Using Java, the programming language that built Minecraft, code your own weapons, enchantments, textures, and mobs. Learn how to reverse engineer and decompile the game of Minecraft in order to add your own flair to the game! No prior Java programming experience required.

What are Summer Programming Camps?

Vision Tech’s programming & coding camp courses are developed, designed, and taught by programmers who love computer science & coding, and understand the importance of teaching kids to code in a fun way – utilizing robotics, Minecraft, and games to help students visualize the results of their code. At camp, kids & teens learn programming by diving into small projects that allow them to immerse themselves in real-life coding & understand important concepts necessary for learning any programming language. As these projects mirror students own interests, students gain valuable experience and knowledge, while having fun at summer camp.

What is taught during coding camp?

At Vision Tech Camp, our coding camps help students learn to code in a fun and effective manner. In LEGO Robotics summer camp students start with writing basic movement programs for their EV3 robots and then move on to writing a more complex computer program for their robots so robots can navigate a maze or solve many challenges set for them. In our Computer Science & Robotics Engineering with Arduino programming camp, students use the Arduino platform to learn programming ,electrical engineering and electronics. In the Computer programming with Java summer coding camp, students get a good foundation in the Java language through hands-on fun projects. At Game Development with Python Programming summer camp, students learn to code in our Python coding camp, the most popular programming language in universities.


What is a Programming Camp?

Programming is the science of writing a series of instructions to command a computer to perform the desired task, such as moving a robot or making a game character perform certain actions. Programming involves the creation of these series of instructions, or “programs”. The code of these programs can be written a variety of different programming languages, such as Java, Python, or C, but regardless of programming language, these are a series of instructions for the computer to perform. In programming camp, students learn different programming languages by learning to code their code projects.

How can learning coding help my child?

Computer programs have become ubiquitous in recent years, both in the workplace and at home. Learning the basics of programming helps students understand how these programs work, and better understand the world around them. In addition, learning programming helps kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Programming also helps students to become active content producers and explore tech careers including programming, game design, & robotics

What programming courses does VisionTech offer?

VisionTech offers several programming courses, including Robotics & Visual Programming, Computer Science & Robotics with Arduino, Java Programming Camp, Game Development with Python Programming, Python Coding Camp, Minecraft Modding with Java & Forge, & Coding & Video Game Design with Tynker. In addition, our 3D Level Design with Unreal Engine 4 camp features some optional programming segments.

Is coding different from programming? Is scripting different from programming?

While there is a technical difference between the terms programming and coding, the two terms are often used interchangeably – even in professional environments. Scripting usually refers to small programs built in certain languages, and while it is also often used interchangeably with programming, it is used less often – for example, you would be unlikely to see someone programming in Java to refer to their code as a script.

What programming language should a new learner start with?

The choice of first programming language for new students is often hotly debated among teachers and computer scientists. However, while each student is unique, we believe that it is best for students at younger ages to start learning with a visual programming language, such as those offered in the Robotics & Visual Programming camp. For older students who are planning to learn a more “traditional” programming language with written code, we believe the ideal first language to be either Python or Java. However, each student is unique, and often student interest in a topic, such as an Arduino robot, can make their first language choice more suited to their interests.

My child has very little coding experience, is my child a good fit for Vision Tech?

Absolutely! At VisionTech, every child will work on their individual computer and projects during coding camp, thus controlling where they start. Beginning programmers will start with introductory lessons, designed to give first time learners a solid foundation to learn programming.

My child has done some coding at home, is my child a good fit for Vision Tech?

Absolutely! At VisionTech, every child will work on their individual computer and projects, thus controlling where they start. Advanced students will start with a quick refresher, and move on to intermediate and advanced lessons with more challenging programming projects.

What is an IDE?

Many of our programming camps use an Integrated Development Environment, or an IDE during camp. An Integrated Development Environment is a tool designed to make programming easier on the programmer, often flagging common issues up, and assisting in the running and debugging of code. These IDE’s generally vary depending on the language being taught in camp, but these are often invaluable tools assisting programmers.

What is the Java programming language?

Java is currently one of the world’s most popular programming language – and a great introduction to programming. The Java Programming Language is currently what is tested on the AP Computer Science tests, and a great programming language to get kids and teens coding. Java code is cross-platform, meaning that it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, regardless of operating system, thus making ideal for all computer users to start learning programming.

What is the Python programming language?

Python is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular and easy-to-learn programming languages – and a great introduction to programming. The Python Programming Language is one of the fastest growing languages in the world, and a great programming language to get kids and teens coding. The Python interpreter is cross platform, meaning that it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, regardless of operating system, and provides an excellent introduction to coding, given its user-interactive nature. We utilize Python in our Game Programming with Python camp, and our Python Coding camp.

What are C programming languages?

The C family of programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Objective C, Robot-C, and many others are programming languages that are influenced by the original C language. C, and C++ in particular, are extremely popular, and while older than some more recent languages, are valued for their speed. However, due to complexities in their design, many of these languages can be a little tricky to use. While some variants, such as C# are easier to use, they often sacrifice the speed that makes C++ so popular.

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