Vision Tech Camps Difference

Our Method

A student-focused approach that balances self-learning and teacher-led instruction

Caring & Safety

A safe, comfortable environment for every camper

Passion & Expertise

Committed, passionate, and experienced staff, administrators, and teachers

Our Centers

Centers with high-end computers and professional software and equipment for every child

The Vision Tech Difference 

We realize that parents have many options available for summer camps. Only Vision Tech Camps provides the unique blend of high-quality technology education programs and fun, engaging hands-on summer camps. We value the time kids spend at our camps, therefore we strive to design our curriculum to maximize the learning outcomes during camp.

Our Programs


At Vision Tech Camps, we are designing a technology-enabled hub that connects kids, teens, and parents with passionate instructors who believe in technology education. Our approach focuses on helping students develop real-world skills through hands-on projects where kids are not merely taught but are engaged throughout the entire process.

Our Method


We take advantage of the latest learning opportunities in technology that is engaging and fun. As we own our centers, we have designed our classroom for a combination of teacher-led instruction and self-paced learning where kids can move at their pace, but receive formal instruction for each key concept.

Our curriculum is well structured, but also allows the flexibility for students to set their own objectives and investigate topics that interest them with the class. Under Vision Tech Instructors direction, students learn to listen to, speak about, and explore new ideas to complete their learning experience.

Our Centers

Each of our centers is designed so as to provide each camper with the highest quality summer camp experience. Each of our centers provides a secure and nurturing environment where kids can spend their day creatively enjoying, and under the care of professional, dedicated, and well-trained instructors.

We invest in custom-built PC’s for every child, along with professional grade software and hardware for our individual camps.  Our centers are conveniently located in beautiful suburban regions, with convenient parking, restaurant access, and are a short commute from local neighborhoods.

Vision Tech Cares For Your Child Like You Would

At Vision Tech, we know that nothing is more than important than making sure kids are happy, engaged, and learning. Therefore, along with our computer equipment, we make sure students have breakfast, water, hot lunches, and snacks during every break.

We also recognize that kids need downtime between their lessons, therefore we have comfortable couches, gaming equipment, books, board games, puzzles, and noise-cancelling headphones so kids can spend their breaks in a variety of activities they may enjoy.

All of our instructors are first aid certified and are well trained in making sure that all kids are comfortable and cared for. We have accommodated many students with allergy needs, insulin, food allergies, and give parents an opportunity to discuss their special needs with our teachers.

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