Vision Tech Camps History

Our Beginnings

More than 17 years ago, we were inspired to find a better way for children to engage with technology. We saw a troubling trend in technology education in young kids – a serious disconnect between consuming technology and creating it. We set out on a mission to find an approach that would provide with a strong foundation at an early age by incorporating fun tech tools to keep students engaged and excited.

We went out to offer after school programs to local school districts, starting with a single program – robotics. After the program’s stunning success, we began offering both after school programs and summer programs in schools and community centers, eventually creating Vision Tech Camps as we know it now. We have painstaking developed and assembled our methods, curriculum, and the teaching material to create Vision Tech’s summer programs.  As we continue to grow, we never forget why we started Vision Tech – and our mission to bring our technology programs to every child.