2017 STEM SUMMER CAMP & Resources

What is STEM?

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating children in four main academic disciplines- technology, engineering, mathematics, and science. More information on the definition of STEM.

Vision Tech STEM summer camps and programs:

STEM Camps for Kids

STEM Camps for Teens

What is the benefits of attending STEM Summer Camps?Vision Tech STEM Camps 

STEM Camps helps students learn technology at an early age and feel empowered to succeed in life. The goal is to prepare students for the future careers in in fields involving science, math, and technology. As STEM disciplines continue to become a major part of progress technology education needs to be an integral part of early education. 

So how do we prepare our children for the future?

  • Give them an early access to the multitude of technology field
  • Encourage them to be the producer of the technology
  • Integrate tech learning experiences on a variety of platforms
  • Hands-on projects infused with technology from start to finish
  • Student-Created tech projects, not just consumers of media
  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking in their project based

To view all of our locations, please visit Vision Tech Camps Locations for more information. For a complete list of all our camp offerings, please view computer camps.

San Francisco Bay Area STEM Camps Locations

San Ramon Valley Computer Camps


Lamorinda Computer Camps


East Bay Computer Camps


South Bay/ Silicon Valley Computer Camps



San Francisco Bay Area Computer Camps

Vision Tech computer camps give kids & teens the opportunity to explore technology through exciting and innovative summer camps. Campers learn to code using Java, Python, and Minecraft. In week-long themed camps, students build video games, design robots, set up a private Minecraft server, build a custom PC to take home and learn 3D-printing. All computer camps engage students in a fun hands-on technology projects that encourages students to be the content producers rather than just using the latest technology. Across the San Francisco Bay Area Vision Tech Camps has already empowered hundreds of boys and girls to use technology to create amazing projects that they are proud to show off to family and friends.  Join us for 2017 summer computer camps to find out what you can do this summer!

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