“Computer camps are just for boys.” “Only geeks and nerds go to computer camp.” These common misconceptions stand between many girls and the potential to acquire incredible skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. All too few girls choose to go into professions that include coding, programming, or cybersecurity–and these rapidly growing professions need all the potential applicants they can get. If there’s a young lady in your life who is showing interest in computers, there six very good reasons why computer camp is a great experience for her.

Computer Camp Makes it Fun

At computer camp, it’s not just about sitting behind a computer screen and learning skills. Kids will put together coding and programming skills while playing Minecraft, using Lego Robotics programs, and more. Girls need this just as much as boys do. When they enjoy the skills they’re learning, they’ll be more likely to dive in, study it, and make it part of their lives, encouraging them to pursue careers in this industry. Computer camp erases the misconception that all computer professions are about sitting behind a computer, producing lines of code that are complete gibberish to most of the world. Instead, it invites girls and boys alike to discover what important computer professions really entail.

Girls Need More Role Models

When they attend computer camp, girls will be surrounded by the role models they need to enhance their own interest in computer skills. Those role models have been comparatively slim in past years, with hacking and other professions described as a “man’s world.” Many girls are discouraged, not by a difficult industry, but by one in which their gender is ignored or downplayed in favor of boys. At computer camp, boys and girls will be encouraged equally and presented with equal opportunities for learning and advancement. There are a growing number of women within computer science fields who are making incredible advancements to the industry. The problem is, many girls don’t have access to them.

The Many Uses of Technology

Today’s society relies heavily on technology in many fields, from education to healthcare and more. Many people, in fact, fail to realize just how critical computer skills are to every area of society. When they attend computer camp, girls will have the opportunity to embrace that technology, gaining the skills they need to be even more successful in their chosen fields.

Girls Are Brought Together

Girls thrive on social interaction, and many of them aren’t on board with being simply “one of the boys.” They want to be surrounded by other young ladies–and at computer camp, they’ll come together with other girls who share their interests. Bringing girls in with their friends is one of the first steps to encouraging computer literacy in girls. While they might not be able to bring their best friend with them when they walk into computer camp, they’ll make new friends who will help encourage their interests and let them know that they’re not alone as they pursue these critical skills.

More Than a Word Processor

By the time they reach middle school, many girls already experience a significant gap in their knowledge and understanding of technology compared to their male peers. They’re ready to dive in and use it as a word processor or perhaps for an internet search or two, but they don’t have the skills necessary to take it further. At computer camp, however, girls will gain those skills and many more.

For girls who show an interest in technology, programming, coding, and more, computer camp is the perfect opportunity to refine those skills and gain knowledge that they’ll use for a lifetime. If you’re ready to send the young lady in your life to computer camp or you want to learn more, contact us today for more information. Girls need technology, and the face of advancing technology needs girls more than ever before. We’re here to bring them together.