Back when we were kids, our teachers and mentors told us to focus on the facts. Memorize certain processes and apply those facts and processes to the test. Once we passed the test, we would receive our diploma, guaranteed a safe job because of our hard work in school.

Not anymore. The world is changing, switching from the safe corporate jobs to risky entrepreneurships. Many entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires do not have a college degree. How do they create value for society?

Enter the world of coding.

A computer programmer who can code effectively and efficiently will find better jobs and increase their critical thinking skills.

Can your children learn how to code today? Of course they can! Here are the top three reasons why your child should learn to code today:

1. Better Career Opportunities

Everyone uses a computer, but not every person knows how the computer works. Even if your child knows the basics of computer programming, he or she will know more about computers than 90% of the population. With that knowledge, your kids can create their own startups. They can create apps or new computer programs. Your child can sell their coding services to others. There are many opportunities for your child once they are equipped with basic coding skills.

Even if your child doesn’t like the idea of starting their own company and becoming an entrepreneur, employers are looking for coders every day. The job market is now geared towards students who have degrees in science, math, engineering and technology, or STEM. If your child can code on a computer, their future is safe, no matter what they do the rest of their life. The median salary for computer programmers is $75,550; not a bad payday for knowing how to code.

2. Greater Understanding of Technology

Find a job today that doesn’t use technology, computers, or the Internet. Farmers use satellites and GPS tracking to plant their crops. Google can show people how to do certain tasks, like blacksmithing. A 2013 study showed over 80% of Americans own a computer.

With experience in coding, your child can understand the inner workings of the computer and the Internet. Not only will your child be a computer mechanic, fixing code and making computers work, but they will also be the manufacturer, creating new programs and apps for the future. This greater understanding of technology will be useful later when technology becomes more sophisticated. Besides, your child can help you when your new smart phone doesn’t work (unless they are already helping you).

3. Increased Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is critical. Right now, in the United States, critical thinking is on the decline. Students are taught to memorize facts, then take those facts and apply them to the test. Their questions won’t be answered because teachers don’t have enough time to teach critical thinking skills.

When taught correctly, math, science and technology can increase your child’s critical thinking skills. Coders use these skills every day. They are always looking for ways to see where their code fails so they can solve their problems one step at a time. They ask questions like,

What is the next step?

Ok, this doesn’t work. Now what?

Computers do not care if Sally took away your banana; either the code works or it doesn’t. How will your children attack these problems?   

These problem-solving skills will translate to any aspect of your child’s life. Even if they never touch a computer code again, your child will attribute those same skills to solve other problems in their life.

Kids will understand technology better, become awesome critical thinkers and create more job opportunities when they learn how to code. If your child wants to learn how to code, take them to VisionTech camps this summer. We will provide a unique experience for your child, showing them how to build some cool apps and computer games, all using the power of computer codes.