Installing RPG Games on Mac OS X


  1. After downloading your child’s game, also download WineBottler at (I recommend using the stable version).

The WineBottler dmg fileInstalling WineBottler on Mac OS X

  1. Save the file and then double click it once it is fully downloaded on your computer.

  1. Once the installation procedure has finished, drag both the and into the Applications folder just to their right as shown. Allow the copy procedure to finish.

Copying the Wine and WineBottler app into the Applications directory

  1. Double click on your child’s game (the .exe that you got from RPG Maker VX Ace– in my case the file was called RPGTest.exe). Mac OS X will display a warning. Press Open to proceed.

Opening the game with Wine for the first time


  1. Wine may ask you to check for updates. Select “Don’t Check” before clicking “Go” in the second dialog box.

Setting security and update settings for Wine


  1. The file will then ask you to Extract the folder. You don’t need to change any settings, just click on OK in order to extract the contents of the game to your computer. A progress bar will proceed to let you know the extraction is working.

Extracting the RPG Maker game to Wine's internal directory


  1. Look for the folder created by the extraction process. The folder should be in the exact same location as the original .exe – in my case the original .exe was downloaded to my desktop, so the extracted folder (also called RPGTest in my case) is on the Desktop.

  1. Double click the newly extracted folder to open it. Look inside, and you will find a file called Game.exe. Double click it as well.

Viewing the extracted files from the RPG Maker game.


  1. Once again, just click Go without changing any settings.

Running the extracted game in Wine

  1. The game should open up and run normally. You can now play your game at any time by double clicking the “Game.exe” file inside the folder. Happy playing!

The game running on Mac OS X

Having the player walk around inside the game