Sure, building robots is very easy for someone with an engineering degree but how do we bring robotics technology education to kids

The new EV3 Robotics kit from LEGO is a full teaching solution. It allows kids to build awe-inspiring robots in no time, and when programmed, control sensors and motors. Robotics offers quick feedback on engineering design issues that are applicable to real world problem solving. A combination of software and design problems creates a unique opportunity to learn engineering and programming skills in a fun environment that lets kids play with higher level challenges while being able to continuously progress towards a solution.

In VisionTech‘s LEGO Robotics Engineering Summer Camps we will take the newest EV3 system for an underwater adventure. Campers will explore hands-on technology education in an engaging and motivating surrounding, while learning real-world knowledge and 21st century skills required for being successful in today’s global society.

VisionTech Summer Technology Camp