We are now taking registrations for our summer tech camps: June 16-July 27

Join our 2014 summer technology camps for an amazing summer of fun and learning.

At Vision Tech LEGO Robotics Summer Camp —New Robot revolution has begun! Vision Tech invites you to sign on as a roboticist and take part in an incredible learning experience. Ignite your imagination as you design, build, and program robots using the third generation of LEGO Windstorm EV3 Platform. Learn to create and command robots to walk, talk, think, and do anything that you can imagine.

Join Adventures in Minecraft Summer camp to explore the creative and building aspects of the world of Minecraft. Use your imagination to create vast cities and caverns. Write a story for your own Minecraft level, and place enemies and unbreakable walls where you please. Create your own characters and let your friends win or lose at your choice!

Minecraft Server Set Up Camp is for those who would like to host their own secure, safe and private servers.

Video Game Design for iPhone & Android Summer Camp—-learn special rules for making mobile games, make fabulous games you will be proud to take home. Make 2D games like Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride for your favorite devices!

2D Video game Design summer camp is a game designers dream come true! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced game maker, this camp is sure to impress you! Whether you want to experiment with an advanced physics engine, dazzle your player with advanced graphics and music, this is the camp for you!

Piedmont Location:

Piedmont High School

800 Magnolia Avenue
Piedmont, CA, 94611